Platform of the Young Communist Union

THE YOUNG COMMUNIST UNION USA is the youth and students affiliate of the Communist Workers Party USA, the proletarian communist faction of the workers’ movement in the United States. As an organization of working-class youth and students, we educate and organize our fellow young people about the program of communism and the need for a workers’ republic.

Our political foundation is the Program of the Communist Workers Party, but we welcome any young worker interested in learning about communism, even if they have yet to agree with every political position. Our goal is the formation of an independent and vibrant YCU that can educate, agitate and organize for workers’ revolution.

As an organization of working-class youth, we carry out our activity on the basis of the following platform of action for young people.

  1. Unite and mobilize working-class youth and students with their class! For job training, apprenticeships and employment under direct workers’ control. For revolutionary industrial unions and massive organizing drives to unite all those who labor, regardless of age. For workers’ action to spike any attempts to divide our class by age or seniority.
  2. Smash racism and national chauvinism through workers’ power! For armed workers’ self-defense against racist, fascist and police-state terrorism. Smash fascism through workers’ actions and the fight for a workers’ republic. Full citizenship for all children of workers, regardless of national origin. No illusions in the “reform” of capitalism or the pressuring of the political representatives of the exploiting and oppressing classes. No reliance on or illusions in the cops, courts or other agency of the capitalist state.
  3. Smash sexism, sexual repression and gender conformity through workers’ power! For the unrestricted right to privacy and choice in reproductive health, including abortion, for all women regardless of age. For free health care and reproductive services for all under workers’ control. For the right of young people to engage in sexual relations with each other without the threat of legal repercussion. Full recognition of the declared gender of all transgendered and transsexual youth.
  4. For a young workers’ educational system! For free and universal public education, from pre-kindergarten through university undergraduate, for all under workers’ control. Abolition of all religious schools and the complete separation of church and school. Integration of all existing private and charter schools into the public system under workers’ control. Inclusion of comprehensive job training and vocational programs in educational curricula. For comprehensive, non-moralistic and age-appropriate sex education. For a scientific foundation for all appropriate courses — religion out of science departments! Abolition of all local police “mini-precincts” and campus “public safety” departments in schools. For universal training of all young people in the use of arms. For organized detachments of workers to protect all school campuses.
  5. Turn capitalist war into class war! For united workers’ actions to stop the exploiting and oppressing classes from waging war, including through strikes, secondary boycotts and mass protests. For workers’ unity to stop the “economic draft” and stop capitalism’s assembly line of slaughter. For cross-border and international workers’ joint actions to stop the march to war. Not one person, not one penny for the capitalists’ war machine. Abolish the standing military and close down campus military recruiting centers.
  6. For a mass, revolutionary workers’ movement! Break with the parties of the exploiting and oppressing classes — Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and their youth affiliates. Build a mass proletarian communist party and revolutionary industrial union movement. For a Communist Workers International and Young Communist Workers’ International. For a workers’ republic and the victory of world communism.

Any worker or young person from the working class between the ages of 14 and 26 who generally agrees with our platform and the necessity to fight for a workers’ republic is eligible to become a member of the Young Communist Union USA.

In areas where more than one YCU members reside, they are strongly encouraged to form Clubs in order to coordinate their educational and organizing activities. Clubs work alongside Chapters and Locals of the CWP where appropriate, and help where they can with promoting Party activity.

The motto of the Young Communist Union USA is Clarity and Action. This represents the two chief tasks of the organization: the clarification of political questions through education, and the carrying out of communist principle and perspective through organized and united action. We use Club meetings, study groups and the pages of the Young Worker to fulfill our stated tasks.

Once we have grown to a sufficient size, we will call a Convention to launch the Young Communist Union as an independent group, elect an Executive Committee and adopt a new platform (if necessary). In the meantime, we work closely with the Central Committee of the CWP to facilitate our growth and political development.