Join the Young Communist Union

JOINING THE YOUNG COMMUNIST UNION USA is as simple as a few clicks. First, make sure you’ve read the YCU Platform and can accept it as representing your views. Second, go over to the Communist Workers Party’s website and read both the Program and Rules of the Party, and make sure you can accept those as well. Third, fill out the form below to apply for membership in the YCU. Be sure to check the box to decide whether you want to just be a member of the YCU or if you want to also join the CWP.

Membership in the YCU entitles you to full speaking and voting rights in both Club and general membership meetings. If you choose to also become a member of the CWP, those rights extend to the Party as well. Responsibilities of Party membership are outlined in the Rules; the YCU follows similar guidelines for its members.

Once you’ve been accepted as a member, a member of the YCU or CWP will contact you to talk about what it means to be a part of our fraction of the movement, as well as coordinate regarding monthly dues ($5/month). You’ll also be expected to talk about things you can do to help build the YCU and CWP, and areas of work in which you’d be interested to participate.