About the Young Communist Union

THE YOUNG COMMUNIST UNION USA is the youth and students’ affiliate of the Communist Workers Party USA. The YCU was formed at the same time as the CWP and is the unofficial successor to the Young Workers Organizing Committee, the youth affiliate of the now defunct Workers Party in America. The YCU publishes leaflets, pamphlets and a small newspaper, the Young Worker (formerly published by the YWOC, and before that the Young Workers League).

We stand, alongside our comrades in the Communist Workers Party, in the great and storied history of the workers’ movement in the United States. From the International Working Men’s Association of the 1860s and early 1870s to the Workingmen’s Party U.S. and Socialist Labor Party, and to the early Communist movement in the 1920s, we continue a tradition of build unity between workers young and old.

Our goals are clear: to help build a mass working-class political movement that is ready to bring about a workers’ revolution in the U.S. through the overthrow of the supremacy of the two ruling classes — the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie — and the conquest of political (state) power by the working class in the form of a workers’ republic. Until the day we can achieve these goals, we will continue to educate and act to build that movement and its proletarian communist faction, the Communist Workers Party.

While the YCU is an autonomous affiliate of the CWP, it is not wholly independent. A central task of the YCU is to help train and educate young workers to be valuable cadre members of the CWP. But unlike the bourgeois “educational” environment, the culture of learning in the YCU is collective, with discussion and constructive criticism welcome at all times. We want our members to share their experiences and learn from each other, as well as with and from the Party. This is why the YCU motto is, “Clarity and Action:” it is through discussion and clarification that we hammer out a communist path, and it is through collective action that we subject those positions to the test of history.

The YCU is dedicated to building the next generations of young proletarian communists, committed to Marxian communist methodology and principles, proletarian internationalist in words and deeds, active as organizers in the class struggle and willing to stand toe-to-toe with the agents of the exploiting and oppressing classes.